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I am the resident “old man” on the team. I’m 37 years old, married to an amazing woman who understands that I enjoy playing games. We have a son together that is a natural disaster that keeps us on our toes. I am a Coast Guard veteran; I still work with them a civilian instructor. 

I made the switch from console in February of 2020 to PC and have really enjoyed expanding my community. Being a controller player my whole life I have made the transition to M&K with Division 2 being the main game that I stream. While I was on console, I really enjoyed playing APEX and Call of Duty.

I am a dog lover. There will be many times that my Husky Malakai will attempt to take over the webcam seeking attention. He is the Momma’s boy and only comes to me when he needs something. My other dog, Bama is a Daddy’s boy. He is a dachshund that is very laid back, if you look closely while I’m live he is usually passed out on the couch patiently waiting for me to go to bed.  

Playing games has always been a stress relief for me. I first explored online game play with COD MW2 in 2010 after my father passed away. During those tough times the great people I was able to meet have helped me in more ways than they possibly know. That is one of the main reasons I’m still playing video games. I don’t look at these awesome people as just people I game with, they are my family.

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